10 alternative uses for Coca-Cola


10 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola / Clique Aqui para Português

1) As a spermicide (India)

2) As a pesticide (India)

3) To clean toilet bowls

4) To clean windshields

5) To remove rust spots

6) To remove bloodstains

7) As a grease-stain remover

8) To clean sinks

9) To tenderize meat

10) As a wallpaper remover

And you are still drinking this stuff ??


10 Usos Alternativos para Coca-Cola

1)  Como espermicida (India)

2) Como pesticida (India)

3) Para limpar vasos sanitários

4) Para limpar para-brisas de carros

5) Para eliminar manchas de ferrugem

6) Para remover manchas de sangue

7) Removedor de manchas de graxa

8) Para limpar pias

9) Para amaciar carnes

10) Como removedor de papel de parede

E voce ainda bebe esse negócio ??


Source:  5 People Who Died During Sex, by Karl Shaw

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